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Our piercer can handle all of your body-modification needs; from the simplest ear-piercing to industrial and surface-to-surface piercing. Windy Beasley has been piercing for 6 years, and is a liscensed practitioner nurse. All piercings are performed using sterilized equipment and pre-packaged, single use needles. Windy made her reputation as a piercer in Austin for quick, safe, and satisfying piercing, and is where the “quicky” in Quicky Tattoos and Piercings stems from. Call 512 491-9711 with your piercing questions or for an appointment.


Eyebrow: $45.00

Nose: $45.00

Lip: $45.00

Ear: Starting at $25.00

Tongue: $50.00

Nipple: $80.00 for both

Bellybutton: $50.00

Call for additional pricing.

All piercings include jewelry and aftercare.

*Non-personal piercings only. Other limitations may apply. Call for details.