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The "Quicky" Story

Thank you for visiting the Quicky Tattoos and Piercings of Austin, TX web-site. We have two locations open for your convenience...

6719 N. Lamar Blvd.

Open seven days a week:

12pm-10pm (or later based on client requirement), 12pm-8pm Sundays.

10601 N. Lamar Blvd.

Open Saturday-Sunday:


Inside the Market Place at Crockett Center.

Call our office (512) 491-9711 or cell (512) 565-2078

We prefer to provide custom tattoo work, but will work from flash or your own design. Our artists are skilled in illustration and design and will create your tattoo on the spot to your specifications; guaranteeing you a unique and truly one-of-a-kind tattoo. We use only single use, prepackaged, sterile needles and needle tubes and maintain the utmost standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Our piercer is experienced in all kinds of piercing, from the standard earlobe piercing to the most exotic of "pleasurable" piercings. She is also a licensed practitioner nurse; to our knowledge the only LPN and piercer practicing the craft in Austin. Piercings are performed with single use, disposable needles and done in a sterile, relaxing, and private setting.

Quicky Tattoos and Piercings is more than just tattoos and piercings; we are also the best location in Austin to get custom, high-end dental grills. Our grills are custom designed to your dental profile, and are made from the highest quality materials; silver, gold, and platinum.

We also sell tattoo and piercing supplies; from needles and stencil paper to complete tattoo kits for tattoo artists and everything from jewelry and retainers to plugs and needles for piercers. Click the links to the left for complete information on all that we offer.